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27B_21-150x150Jennifer Salvato Doktorski had an established writing career in journalism, including writing for Cosmopolitan, before the release of her 2013 Debut, HOW MY SUMMER WENT UP IN FLAMES. In fact Jen was so prepared for the launch of her fiction writing career that she actually had two 2013 releases only two months apart! Her second was the YA novel, FAMOUS LAST WORDS.


Both books were critically acclaimed. Publisher’s Weekly said HOW MY 9781442459403SUMMER WENT UP IN FLAMES was “full of emotion and wit.” Kirkus called it “a great ride.”


FAMOUS LAST WORDS was similarly lauded. Publisher’s FLW-smallWeekly said she “offered another fun and quirky protagonist, along with a well-developed supporting cast.” Kirkus…


I realize it’s hypocritical to launch my brand new blog with a post about why writers, like myself, should not be blogging. I’d like to tell you I have some lofty, mitigating reason why it’s okay for me to blog, while advocating others refrain, but the truth is, I’ve given in to peer pressure. Everyone I know in the writing community tells me blogging is good, though no one has actually proved to me it’s good. No one, for example, has shown concrete data that clearly links record book sales to blogs, but despite that I’ve heard blogging advocated at every conference I’ve attended, on the lips of all my writer friends. The belief in its value is so universal, it’s compelling. I’m compelled.

Despite that I can’t bring myself to actually jump into the world of blogging without first voicing my reservations. It’s time for me to have my…