I was born in Philadelphia but grew up in Toronto. When I was twenty-one I went to Nigeria as a volunteer teacher. I spent almost three years in Africa. It was a formative experience. I returned to Canada to do a Masters in Social Work before heading out again. I've now lived overseas for more than half my life, usually in far less wealthy countries than my own. I've moved around a lot, sometimes reluctantly, yet every time I move I fall in love with my new home and its people.


Having immersed myself in many different cultures over so many years, I've lost a strong sense of my own cultural identity but I still find exploring new customs and belief systems endlessly fascinating. Most places I've lived in, I'm the ethnic and racial minority. While that experience doesn't compare to being a member of an underclass in any society, I've definitely felt the disappointment and frustration of being judged by what I am, rather than who I am.

I enjoy writing about where I'm living but more than that I'm drawn to writing about the things I see that trouble me - racism, cruelty and injustice. Reading enriches my understanding of new experiences but only through writing do I really make sense of the world.